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Best Beaches

1) Cancun, Mexico: all along the Hotel Zone in Cancun, offers the most beautiful turquois colored water, that is almost see-through and always never too warm or too cold – always just right!

After the Hurricane in 2005, the beaches were replenished, and now larger and whiter then ever. White, sugary sand that is cool to walk on – these beaches are some of the prettiest I’ve seen!

2) South Beach, Florida: Of all the east coach beaches, South Beach in Miami is one of the best. Almost as light blue as the Cancun color, the water is mild and clean. Always great people-watching and sight-seeing on the beaches that attract some of the prettiest people in the world. Along the beach is Ocean Drive, a favorite spot to tourists that feature the Art Deco Hotel zone, many cafes and outdoor eateries. Try Niki Beach Club at 1st and Ocean – only for the coolest, hip, young-energy and open-minded patrons.

3) Copa Cabbana Beach, Brazil: Exotic and erotic, anything can be seen on this beach of beauties. Not particulary wide,but very long edging the entire hotel zone, these beaches have nice sand and great mild waters. The locals often approach you to sell their wares, which can be REALLY bothersome, but you can also get some great deals!

4) Delray Beach, FL: Large, beautiful and so clean! The beach at the end of Atlantic Ave is the spot to go. Beach loungers and umbrellas are available for rental. The water is always pristine, clear, and so blue. It’s a mixed age crowd, but a safe and guarded beach. Parking is the only down-side; go early to get a great spot. Across the street on Ocean Ave are several places to eat in swimsuits and shorts, with the Tiki Bar being the most popular afternoon Happy Hour spot (it would be better with a DJ or band though starting at 4 pm). Bostons on the Beach is also a popular casual restaurant, that offers bands and has dancing at night.

5) Lucy Beach, Washington Ave, Margate, NJ: Hottest beach on the South NJ shore:  With the South Phila. & Atlantic County singles and the greatest Happy Hour at the Jersey shore – on the deck of the Greenhouse, this is the beach of the “pretty people” of all ages. Although parking is difficult, the eye candy is worth it once you arrive. Fashion central for a beach crowd, this is the beach for people-watching, after-beach dance music, and tons of energy! See you there!


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