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Nightclubs & Lounges – Romance International Travel
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Fun & Funky Night Clubs!

Cancun, Mexico:

1) Cogo Bongo – Multi-media Mayhem! STILL my FAVORITE Party Night club – ever! A non-stop Celebration, where Vegas Showtime meets the Party, this Show house and Disco has more then 40 artists and flying acrobats…with the scene changing every few minutes – with one event better and more fun then the next! Enjoyed my FOURTH visit to CB with my beautiful Boyfriend Joey – his first visit there. Again, we got the VIP treatment – the best seats,  drinks provided and the best attentive service. Francisco Alcala Public Relations Manager took great care of us; and attended to our service needs once inside. They have their operation tight! The shows are ALWAYS amazing and such fun! Each time I am there, new shows are presented. On my third visit – and SECOND time I was asked to dance on the big stage – 3 times!

What a way to celebrate my Sept 2015 birthday! I dragged my friend Robin up with me the 3rd time – it was a night to remember! You’ll be up and out of your seats jamming to the various types of music from the 30’s thru to Hip Hop, as well to the fabulous impersonators of Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Elvis, Madonna and more — from stage shows, flying people, various balloons, light sticks, confetti and other things flying down from the ceiling – you want to get there at show start at 10:30 pm, and you will not be able to leave until the last act! Thanks to our great waiter, Victor who took wonderful care of us in VIP. See some of the pics below — go to the PR- VIP booth – ask for Sebastian Robles (Manager)  and let him know Riana and Romance International sent you!;; Ph: (52) 998-883-5061/62 Hotel Zone, Blvd Kukulcan Km 9.5, Plaza Forum, Cancun Mexico. Rating (5+/5)

2) DadyO Night ClubA Cancun legend; a club that feels like your in a big cave, DadyO and it’s Floor manager Marcelo Vazquez, gave my friend Robin & I the Royal Treatment! VIP seating, drinks on the house, and the nicest, most attentive wait-staff in the Nightclub zone of all of Cancun! Thursday night was Bikini night, and Ladies – if you are looking for where the men are – they are HERE on this night! The hottest bikini bodies, and the men to appreciate them – but ALL ages fit in and feel fabulous here! There are dancing ladies, fit & sexy acrobatic men, and a nonstop dance party! More intimate than the larger nightclubs. Incredible music and cool lighting. This club attracts the young, dressed jet set. Manager: Carlos Aja – and Marchello – the Manager with all the connections! Tell him Riana sent you!; Blvd. Kukulcon Km 9.5, Hotel Zone, Cancun  Ph: 52-998-848-8385;; Rating (5/5)


3) Mandala Beach Club, upstairs from Mandala — located in the Club Zone of Cancun – 62 Hotel Zone, Blvd Kukulcan Km 9.5; Ph: 998-225-0965  A nightclub and a huge pool! Come to this sexy, vibe Club that is different from all others in the Club Zone. Many people choose to swim, but you don’t have to. The lighting is awesome, and Adrian Magana, General Manager took great care of us after we met him thru Marchello, our favorite manager at Daddy O’s. We had the best seat in the house, and Raul Flores took great care of us with his staff at the table; including security. Great people watching! Popular with the younger set, but we liked it too! Definitely, include this include this club in your Cancun party plans! (Rating 4/5)

4) Group Mandala – The Madness Tour – THREE in ONE Nightclub excursion. Thank you to Alan Arreguin Flores for sponsoring us to visit three of the newer Nightclubs I had not yet experienced. We went on Saturday night for a 1-hour visit per club. All these clubs are right near each other in the Cancun Club zone, so it’s an easy visit to each one. For tickets, see Liliana Hernandez, PR Manager OR Lina Gaus – Travel Agencies Manager – at the Madness Tour booth outside of Mandala Nightclub; order online at for Open bar & VIP Tickets, or write Alan at; ph: (998) 883-3333 X-115 

a) La Vaquita (The cow) – our first stop was quiet, but we were taken to a nice table on the steps. Looking around, the entire club has steps all the way up the center; which if more crowded and people got too drunk, could make it a dangerous situation; however it makes for easy viewing of everything below. We were there early, so the club was not yet crowded. The dancing girls seemed bored – not into their routines as were the girls we just passed by at the other nightclub down the street. A pesky “cow” (a man dressed in a cow’s outfit) kept coming around my friend, and she found him juvenile and annoying, and we both agreed – not fitting for a club atmosphere. We liked we could see outside to the street and the open air effect. We didn’t stay long and said we would give it another shot later when it got busier – to see how the crowd enjoyed the club. Of the three clubs on the tour, this was our least favorite. (2/5)

b) Palazzo – This is a small dance club “in the round” inside, with an upper stage with Glow-light dancers which were cool. This is a definite local’s favorite. It was jammed, and Robin had a drink spilled down her back, so she left early. A group of my guy friends was there, and they were having a blast. Some of them complained it was too costly to get a table, $100 each for a VIP table for a group of them. The lighting and music were excellent, and the crowd really had a great time. This does cater to the younger locals and tourists, where DadyO and Coco Bongo people of all ages go and really seem to enjoy it. So for my young tourist referrals, go and have a great time. Weds is Red District Night at Palazzo.  I tried to get a Manager’s name, but no one obliged it. You can mention Alan’s name and our travel group – Romance International Travel, and see what happens, but no guarantee. Call Alan (998) 883-3333  x-115 to be placed on guest list. Rating (4/5)

c) Mandala – Where this was empty early on, by the time I left Palazzo, it was busy and the crowd was having a great time. Busy – but not uncomfortable. It has a really nice light show and great music and was an indoor/outdoor club on the street – so the air felt amazing. Where Palazzo felt too jammed, this was comfortable, danceable, and all ages really liked it a lot. I’d come back here again; it was my favorite of the three. Very classy. Monday is Mardi Gras Night and Tues is Pool Party night. Sorry, Do not have a Manager’s name, try contacting Alan or Liliana 1-2 days prior to going to any of these 3 clubs) Rating (4/5). 

5) The City Night Club/Cancun: The City was only open on Friday nights (We Own the Night theme) for this trip (9/2015) so I was disappointed not to be able to go and get a review. However, I was at The City on Mexico’s 200 years Independence Day on September 15th – so this review comes from that time. What a Celebration! It was nice to be included in the festivities!  Ricardo our waiter was the best! This club has raised seating on either side and the main floor of seating (where we were). The dancing is on raised blocks – we chose to dance right at our seats. When we were there, The City After Party on Friday and Saturday features a Beach Club (Playa Cabana) that opens at 3 am – swimsuit or not, the pool and people are ready for you! Ask for Cesar Zermeno, Sales Manager at the door. Located at the Club zone on Kukulacan Blvd. Hotel Zone, Cancun. Ph: 848-8380, and Playa Cabana I promise to get an updated review on my next trip to Cancun! (Prev to 2015 rating 4.5/5)

6) Congo Bar – We stumbled across this bar our first night in Cancun this trip – it was new to me – and hey – No Cover! It was a Weds night, and it was jammed and hopping! Weight staff was amazingly efficient and courteous and weaved their way excellently amongst the crowd. Early on, I figured out it was owned by Coco Bongo, as it had the same crazy, fun festival atmosphere with balloons and confetti that you just don’t see in the states. The dancing girls were beautiful and really into it – and the Host/MC kept the crowd dancing, and cheering – non-stop GREAT music! This is an indoor/outdoor bar right on the street, and we had a blast our first night out. You definitely have to go! Smaller club – large on fun! Rating (5/5)

7) Glow Party at Sr Frogs – We did not attend this because we heard it was super young and messy. Don’t take clothes you aren’t ok in destroying and throwing away after. I’m sure it’s a hoot if you’re into messy glow paints and a slippery mess – if you go, let me know your rating of the event! (Definitely NOT romantic!)

Acapulco, Mexico

1) Palladium Nightclub: The BEST Nightclub in Acapulco; owned by Tony Rullan Dichter and sons (I met Tony and son Brandon). A gorgeous view overlooking the bay overlooking the bay area, an incredible light show, and awesome music. Once a month they have 70-80-90s night, which I happen to see long lines waiting to go up to the club to get in – so don’t miss that night, and go early! Tel +52 446-5490 Escenica, Las Brisas, S/N, Acapulco, Mexico, CP 39880

2) Club LOVE – Located in the same area as Palladium, this club is mostly outdoors, and on a hot, humid night when I was there, it was still empty up till about 12:30 am when I left. Although it has a beautiful outdoor setting view of the bay and city lights, it needs some larger fans to cool the air. There is a small center dance floor around couches, so its a cool vibe, but honestly, I was bored waiting for it to get busier on a Sat. night. Can’t say I was in Love with Club LOVE. Twillio is the Manager, he was not there that night. When I went to leave, all the cars were in line for Palladium. I should have gone there! Maybe give it a try on a Friday night when the weather is ideal.

St. Maartin, Neth, Ant.

1) Bliss Nightclub – Located in The Maho area of St. Maartin, at the far end of the airport, Bliss is a beautiful outdoor nightclub that has various bars, seating levels, and a circular dance floor. It gets a late start, around midnight, and it is not ideal for rainy or windy weather, but it’s a sharp place with great music, and Manager, Mr.T (Thierry Genet) is most gracious. It’s a fabulous place you won’t want to miss!

2) Tantra Nightclub – Our favorite indoor nightclub, Tantra is located on the 2nd level above The Maho Resort Casino in the Maho area of St. Maarten.. The circular dance floor has bars surrounding it, and they had the best Ladies night on the island – Ladies drank for free on Weds. nights, so the place was packed! The music is great, they play all popular dance not just House or Hip Hop. If you want a quieter, more intimate area, the 2nd floor of the club is lit in deep reds and quite romantic. We really enjoyed ourselves there.

3) The Beach Nightclub: Located on the Rooftop in the Maho shopping Plaza by the airport, this beautifully soft-lit nightclub is the ultimate in Romance! Raised Beds, overstuffed chairs for two, little private alcoves and other intimate touches made this one of our favorite clubs in St. Maartin. The only downfall is a windy or rainy night – as the club cannot open. But put this on your list as a “Must See” in St. Maartin.

4) The Sunset Bar and Grille: This famous outdoor bar and grill sits adjacent to the beach and right at the tail end of the airport. It is known for two things – an absolutely beautiful sunset and a great place to see airplanes land and take off. What a fun place! At night, a DJ comes in and it turns into a casual, outdoor nightclub.

United States Night Clubs

Florida –

Miami South Beach:

1) LIV – located in The Fountainebleau Hotel on Collins Ave in Miami Beach, this 18,000 square foot, lavish and ultra-exclusive club is a home to celebrities and Miami’s local VIP party crowd. Music has variety, from rock, Hip Hop, and House, and there is a great light show. VIP Sky boxes are on the second level, although there is good visuals wherever you stand. Upscale dress code applies. Although we were treated very well at the door by Joey and Freddie, who whisked us to the front of the line and through the door, there is a huge line for others, and a “selection process” to get in. The younger Clubber may feel fine about this, but I “don’t do lines” and would not wait otherwise “to get in.” It’s a beautiful hotel, and a massive, cool nightclub – if you can get in without the hassle, I recommend it! Cover $20- go early.

2) SET – Lincoln Road, South Beach – $25 to get in the door – and for what???? Boring, small, and snobby at the door; sorry I have nothing good to say about SET Nightclub. We were treated rudely by the Pretentious who know’s who at the door – and we stayed about an hour – no waitress asked us for a drink order, and the club never really got going on a Friday night! Forget this one. Save your money.

Delray Beach – (since I live here now, more reviews in this area will be coming!)

1) Il Bacio – Atlantic Ave, near SE 2nd St. (561)865-7785

Created and opened in 2011, this in-and-outdoor nightclub brings you the feel and energy of South Beach, without the snob act or high price overhead. They consistently bring in awesome dance bands, world-class and well-known DJs, and for fun – aerialists, fire performers, and more.  Il Bacio’s gorgeous and romantic, 12,000 square-foot outdoor courtyard features an open-air dance floor, which I just love. They offer very sexy lit VIP areas, state-of-the-art sound, and precision lighting shows, two bars, and a performance-caliber stage. Il Bacio draws crowds of over 1,000 weeks after week, and it’s where the Delray hip people who know how to dance go. Any age is welcome, as long as you dress hot! The General Manager is Steven Pellegrino, Jr. Call 561.865.7785 for Private parties and other info. Open 10 – 2 am. (has closed during COVID – hope it reopens!)

2) Johnnie Browns – 301 E. Atlantic Ave, near railroad tracks (561) 243-9911

Promoted as “the Classic Rock and Rollbar” is the perfect description of this outdoor, bar-restaurant. Totally casual, not pretentious, and even a bit grimy, this place attracts tourists, well-known locals, and friendly bikers from all over. There is a band every night – so you can always count on a crowd here. If that is your flavor, you will love it here. The bands are good, but not many people dance – the “dance floor” is small, and you have to push the tables aside. The food is typical burger and fries, but it is pretty good. It’s a fun and popular place to hang out with a gang of people who just feel like getting crazy. Be prepared, when the loud train flies by, shots are half price — fabulous. Attracts all ages and types – makes for an interesting night! Open all day until 12 am.

3) Ocean One Bar & Grill -777 E. Atlantic Ave; Delray Beach, (561) 270-7373

Once just a restaurant that I never knew about, it has become “The Happy Hour place to go!” with a great DJ and dancing outside from 6 – 10:30 pm. The crowd is of mixed age, with high energy and there to have fun. With three drinks for $10, it’s the place to go! The food is a varied American menu, from Steak, Seafood, salads, fun foods, and apps – of which I hope to sample tonight when I go there. Being a dancer, loving the outdoors, and being only a few steps to walk to the intercoastal water; this is a fabulous, casual fun spot of which will become “a regular” for me! Tucked in the back of Atlantic Plaza, be sure to get there early as it fills up fast! Manager: Nicholas Muccia;

4) Sea Gate Hotel The Atlantic Grille lounge and restaurant – 100 East Atlantic Ave, two blocks from the Delray Beach (866) 559-3298

This is a beautiful (one of the nicest) hotel and restaurants in Delray Beach. The bar and outdoor seating with fire pits are lovely. They often bring in a 2-3 piece band for some dancing, and the crowd will dance; however, most of the times I have been there the crowd is over 65. This is NOT a nightclub. It could be romantic for two, if you have your own spot outside or at the corner of the bar  – however, it is primarily for the senior set, so be prepared. Even in my 50’s, this is way too old for me! But the seniors love it!

Boca Raton – 

1) Platforms Night Club – 99 SE 1st Ave  (561) 392-6885

This is the best (and only) Disco in town! Friday night is Ladies Night at Platforms and ladies drink for FREE and don’t pay cover! Enjoy drink specials and DJ Kevin Kessler spinning the best of the 70s, 80s and 90s! I have enjoyed Saturday nights there as well. Being a huge Disco fan, I really love the music here (except the occasional too cheesy disco song). Saturdays they have an occasional band, and they are great. Thursday is Latin nights (but I have not attended). Ladies dress to impress, and the men – well, most try. The age is 45 – 70, but everyone loves to dance there – great floor, and attentive bar staff as well! Open 8-2 am.

2) Balux Boca Night Club – 7000 W Palmetto Park Rd, Suite 102, Boca Raton FL (Corner of Powerline & Palmetto Roads; bottom level of White Office Complex Building). A beautiful, upscale, state-of-the-art club much needed in the Boca Raton area. They Feature a great stage and fabulous bands, a large and roomy dance area, a beautiful light show, and bar area; and a quieter dining area around the outer edges of the main club. Dress to Impress. Ask for owner Pete or Manager George and tell them Romance International Sent you!


1) BB Kings Blues Night Club: 9101 International Drive, suite 2230 (upstairs) Orlando (407) 370-4550. Also: in City Place, West Palm Beach, FL

What a fun spot with GREAT dance bands who play Motown and Blues classics (call to see which band is featured for the evening). We had a blast on my birthday and stayed until closing. There is a BBKings in West Palm Beach, FL as well, and we will be there soon to write that one up. Mike Davis, Manager of Orlando, was most accommodating, and we WILL be back. Keep the music rolling!

Fort Lauderdale: 

1) YOLO – O Lounge on Las Olas: 333 East Los Olas Boulevard (954) 524-3884.

I really enjoy YOLO (You Only Live Once) restaurant which features indoor and outdoor seating, fire pits, an upscale vibe and sexy music. Dress to impress here. The food is wonderful, and the wine list is great. Yolo has two bars – a more social bar, and the nightclub – O Lounge; all within the one property. The nightclub plays dance favorites, and all ages enjoy it there. The one bar is also open to the night air, keeping the club itself, cool with a breeze. The restaurant and dance club are two of my favorites in this city. Be sure to valet, and check out the scene. A must if you are staying in FLL. Ask for – Michael Savitt – General Manager.

Atlantic City, NJ:

1) Dusk Nightclub – in Cesar’s Casino/Hotel – a new, popular nightspot in AC – this club offers the fun, dance music you would know – keeping you dancing for hours! People of all ages go, looking great in their trendy outfits – the dance floor is in the center of a circle of seating, so every seat in the house is a good one! I took my daughter’s bachelorette party group there (12 of us) and Billy Jr (known as “Friday”) took our group in away from lines and cover — and placed us in a great spot to enjoy ourselves. Ask for Ashley to serve you – and tell them both that Riana sent you! Everything there was great fun – but my ears ached from the loud music for a few hours after – so prepare yourself for that – otherwise, go early and look great!

2) Outdoor decks – Golden Nugget Deck Bar – Summertime is THE time to go dancing in Atlantic City! The outdoor decks bring the best bands, for the most fun! These two are my favorites – but where ever “Don’t Call Me Francis” band is playing – is where you want to be! Wear flats or wedges ladies, you will be dancing on the boardwalk, but still dress stylish yet casual. You can also go from a day at the beach or boating, into the evening, with a sharp cover-up or after-hours outfit. The decks alone, are a great reason to get to AC this summer!



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